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3 Habits For Perfect Hair

It needs to be said--hair is not alive, it's dead. This means it can't heal itself once it's hurt. The best we can hope for is to avoid things that cause harm and to practice he...

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A Day In The Life of Healthy Hair

Having hair that's healthy and strong takes more than just a good shampoo in the shower. Beautiful hair is a lifestyle. To stop breakage, increase shine and create fuller, more ...

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How to Hide Split Ends

The only real way to get rid of split ends is with a haircut but with the right hair products and tricks, you can prevent split ends and even hide them for healthy-looking hair....

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Break Free From Bad Hair Days for Good

When I’m making millions one day, daily blowouts are going to be my first indulgence. It may seem a little frivolous, but the truth is that unless I spend hours taming my ...

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Fix Your Pipes to Fix Damaged Hair

Sometimes, when it's particularly hot outside or perhaps when there isn’t enough moisture in the air, you have a "bad hair day." They happen to the best of us. But have yo...

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Why Your Hair Is Thinning

Certain factors—some controllable, others not—can decelerate the speed at which your hair grows and contribute to larger problems like thinning and hair loss. According to Las V...

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Can Split Ends Really Be Saved?

No matter what kind of cut or style you're sporting, there's nothing that reads unhealthy hair more than a mane full of split ends. While the sensible solution may be to reach f...

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