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13 Surprising Stress-Busters

Age-old adages, tried-and-true tips and everyone’s two cents: Chances are, if you’ve ever suffered from stress (and who hasn’t?), you've heard the standard adv...

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The Best Spa Bath Treatments

Inspired by ancient bath rituals these treatments will allow you to enter a state of relaxation that you’ve never experienced before.

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Poll: What's Your Favorite Spa Treatment?

Sometimes we all deserve a spa getaway. From manicures and massages to full-body scrubs and intense facials, there are so many treatments on the menu to choose from; if we had o...

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Plan a Spa Getaway With Your Girlfriends

From indulgent spa treatments to private dinners, going to a spa with a group of friends can be a once-in-a-lifetime getaway focused on fun. Planning is key and following proper...

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Relieve Stress During Spa Week

We’re all in need of some me time, and at $50 a pop, it’s hard to find an excuse not to indulge. The bi-annual Spa Week is back for 2012, this fall. The no-gimmick S...

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Oh La La “Spa Des Stars” At Cannes

The International Cannes Film Festival always brings a bevy of star style to this small town on the French Riviera. Gorgeous gowns, fabulous hairstyles and elegant makeup looks ...

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Cal-A-Vie: My One-Week Body Transformation

I recently experienced what I can only call a blissful passage into a healthy fat-burning lifestyle. The bad news? I only got to indulge in this transformative experience for a ...

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