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Can Zero-Calorie Drinks Lead To Weight Gain?

It looks like so-called “diet” drinks, which promise zero-calories and zero regret, can actually cause you to overeat, gain weight and put you at risk of obesity. In a new study...

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Foods That Are Aging You

You know certain foods are bad for your waistline, but did you know that noshing on certain foods can actually make you look older? Learn what to avoid and why by clicking throu...

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Four Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Smile

Bad habits are hard to break and while some are seemingly innocent, others can be quite harmful. When it comes to your smile, bad habits like chewing ice and clenching can serio...

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Is Soda Destroying Your Smile?

Think you’re getting off scot-free because you drink diet, sugar-free soda? Think again. It might be OK for your waistline, but diet soda could be ruining your smile. Acco...

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Are Sugary Drinks Shaping Your Body?

When you decide it's time to drop a few pounds, what's the first move you make? If it's changing how much food you eat, you're on the right track-but you may be better served by...

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