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Skin Tightening Treatments Vs Necklifts

When it comes to tackling the signs of aging, you have to look at the problems that exist—loose skin, a loss of volume and textural changes. "Fillers and injectables and surgery...

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Get Gabrielle Union's Super-Toned Arms

Achieving super-svelte arms may seem more difficult with age, but there are many approaches to getting toned, sexy arms like actress Gabrielle Union, who turns 40 this year. You...

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Don't Let Jowls Drag You Down

Around your 40s, you may start to notice the development of one of the most dreaded signs of aging: jowls. That sagging skin that begins to form along your jawline is caused by ...

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How To Stop Your Skin From Sagging

Inevitably, we all naturally experience sagging of the skin due to a slowing down of collagen production as we age. Collagen acts like scaffolding in your skin that helps it hol...

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Top Tips To Get Great Cleavage

Surveys have revealed that nearly half of American women are unhappy with their breasts. Thanks to age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss (and gain), our breasts can change ...

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Ways Beyonce Can Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back

Congrats to Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z on the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. And now that the controversy over their baby's name has run its course, all eyes will be on ...

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