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The Real Reason Your Skin is Flaking

Is your skin dry, red and flaking? If you've overdone it with certain skin-care products, such as a harsh peel, mixed the wrong products or have overused alcohol or acid-based s...

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Dos and Don'ts of Sensitive Skin Care

When you have sensitive skin (which 50 percent of women have), it seems like anything and everything causes irritation. Skin that is sensitive to irritants and skin-care product...

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The Perfect Primer For Imperfect Skin

It's the days where my skin is acting up the most that I want to stay clear of makeup. I understand the irony of this statement but the thought of piling on foundation to my irr...

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Heal And Hydrate Oily Skin

Your skin may be oily, but that doesn't mean it's hydrated-there's a big disparity. Sircuit closes that gap. Their Immaculate Mist contains a special type of water known as D20...

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