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Balance the Body With Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is based on the idea that the energy found in crystals can be harnessed to help balance a person’s energy centers, which are known as chakras. Various type...

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A Gentle, Intercontinental Toner

Even if själ products weren't so phenomenal, we'd still want them just so we could look at the femininely minimalist packaging. Even their toner-usually the simplest item in any...

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Improvement All Around Your Eyes

It wasn't until we found out everything själ Orbe can do that we realized just how many ways the area around our eyes could be improved. This phenomenal eye cream uses plant e...

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A Super-Charged, Do-It-All Night Cream

The ambitious among us will appreciate själ Kura Intuif Nourishing Cream. This wonder-salve pretty much does everything but the dishes. The mother-daughter team behind själ made...

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