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Do The Wave In A Whole New Way

Have you ever noticed how naturally straight-haired celebrities can show up on at events with hair that doesn't just look curly-it looks naturally curly. It's missing that tellt...

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Gold Grills: A Troubling Trend

Grills-sometimes spelled grillz or called fronts-may seem like a harmless hip-hop trend, but wearing the glistening accessory now could lead to an unhealthy smile in the future....

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A Gentle, Intercontinental Toner

Even if själ products weren't so phenomenal, we'd still want them just so we could look at the femininely minimalist packaging. Even their toner-usually the simplest item in any...

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Soap With An Extremely Valuable Ingredient

$125 for a bar of soap?! What's in it, gold?! Silver, actually. The Cor Silver Service Treatment For The Face is groundbreaking in its use of silver for its role as an antibac...

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