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Make Sure to Maintain Your Dental Bonding

A less expensive alternative to veneers, bonding involves applying a composite resin to the teeth in order to mask flaws. Bonding can fix a variety of cosmetic issues like crack...

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How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair

Blame it on the weather or a terrible cut, but the real reason behind consistently bad hair days may be what you eat, not what you use to style your hair. Just like how your die...

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Four Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

Sure, there are in-office procedures for a smile makeover and even some pretty hi-tech store-bought methods to make your smile brighter, but there are also some ways to elevate ...

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Powder To Share With Your Face And Hair

Picture this: your budget is tighter than ever. You need a new volumizing product, but you're also interesting in trying the whole dry shampoo trend. But you also need a mattify...

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Toothpaste That Takes A Cue From Skincare

You've probably used an exfoliating cleanser before-a formula that goes beyond getting you clean thanks to scrubbing particles that boost skin's brightness. Well, think of Colga...

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Moist Skin From A Powder?

Sure, it makes sense to pick a powder when you want a matte finish. But if you want a moist glow? It sounds counterproductive, but that's exact what you'll get from Kanebo's won...

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Soap With An Extremely Valuable Ingredient

$125 for a bar of soap?! What's in it, gold?! Silver, actually. The Cor Silver Service Treatment For The Face is groundbreaking in its use of silver for its role as an antibac...

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