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A Seriously Succulent Shower Gel

I'm always a little bit skeptical of “energizing” bath products. Sure, most of them smell good, but I'll stick to my morning cup of coffee to wake me up. Besides, ...

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Shower Power

A recent national survey conducted by The Body Shop reveals some interesting findings: like that 69 percent of Americans would reduce shower time to conserve water and protect t...

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A Triple-Tea-Enriched Bath And Body Pair

I'm super-picky about fragrance, and that includes the scents of body lotions and bath goods. I've passed on some of the most luxurious, beneficial products because their smells...

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The Scent Of Eczema

Check your everyday hygiene and household products-shampoos, shower gels, hand washes etc.-and you're bound to find something called linalool in a few. This botanical alcohol is...

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Gap’S Latest Group Of Body Goods

Over the years, Gap has offered delightful lotions and fragrances. But nothing compares to the new GapBody Bath + Skin line, the most extensive body care range in the clothing i...

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A Glamorous Gardenia Duo

I love, love, love gardenia. It's one of my all-time favorite floral scents, and I know I'm not alone in my enthusiasm. If you're anything like me, you will absolutely flip over...

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