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Shop Your Way to a Slimmer Figure

Need a good reason to hit the mall? Not only is a shopping trip good for your closet, but it may also be good for your waistline. A recent study actually found that you could bu...

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Can Shopping Prolong Your Life?

We know that you don't need an excuse to go shopping, but as far as excuses go, this one has to top the list. It might make you live longer. New research suggests that regular r...

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Smell-Through Beauty Product Packaging?

If you're picky about scents, one of the most frustrating aspects of shopping for beauty products when no tester is available is not knowing what a cream, lotion or perfume smel...

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What Makes A Product Pricey?

Just like there are very real reasons why a Zac Posen handbag costs hundreds more than one at Target, beauty companies peddling extremely expensive products can, in many cases, ...

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