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Make This Summer A Healthy Hair Season

While you're having a grand old time this summer-lounging on the beach, dipping in the pool or playing your favorite outdoor sport-your hair is not. Summer is the season of fun ...

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A Single Brush For All Your Foundations

How many makeup brushes do you own? Too many to count? Focus on the ones just for your foundation application. Chances are, you probably have one for your loose powders, one for...

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The Power Of Personal Beauty

You know how great you feel about yourself when you look good, so just imagine how a cancer patient must feel when they find a way to overcome the physical changes that come wit...

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Tanner Isn’T Always Better

Not everyone feels that tan is the best look for their skin; like me, for example. Living in South Florida, I'm constantly surrounded by naturally and artificially tanned bodies...

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Soft, Smooth Skin Without Scrubbing

I'll admit, I'm a bit of an exfoliation junkie-at least I was until I started laser hair removal. After being scolded by my doctor for using glycolic acid before my first treatm...

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