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Main Moisturizer Ingredients

Moisturizers include emollients that smooth and soften the skin. While there are hundreds of ingredients used to hydrate the skin, these are the five most commonly used ones. G...

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Soothe A Sunburn With Shea Butter

Don't let a sunburn ruin a beautiful day outside. If you happened to get stuck in the sun without protection, then there's a simple ingredient that can help soothe your skin. We...

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Desensitize Your Sensitive Skin

Sometimes it feels like your skin is as emotional and dramatic as a teenage daughter trying to borrow the car on a Friday night. You change one little thing in your skin care ro...

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Hands As Soft As A Bunny

When the weight of the world is bearing down like a two-ton elephant, we like to drift away and think of soft, cute things. You know. Like bunnies. Adorable, pet-worthy little t...

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Angie’S Summer Skin Secret

Skin can take a beating over the summer. By now, when we start transitioning into fall, skin tends to feel a little dryer and tighter than usual. The Bananas & Baobab Whipped Sh...

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Juara Candlenut Hand And Body Balm

Many times the kiss of the wind slowly depletes the moisture of my skin and I find myself reaching for my Juara Candlenut Hand and Body Balm. In addition to the irresistible fra...

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The Ultimate Travel Accessory

NewBeauty recently met with the staff of SpaFinder to discuss editorial ideas for our yearly Directory. In between the brainstorming session, we got on the topic of travel (the ...

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