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A Saner Way To Shave

I consider shaving my legs to be a chore. I still remember how excited I was to be able to do it for the first time as a teen, and all I can think now is WHY?! I don't like anyt...

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A Rosier Shaving Routine

Rose is an ideal botanical extract for sensitive, problematic skin, helping to take down redness, inflammation and irritation. That's why it's such a perfect pick for the star i...

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Unbelievably Luscious Shaving Cream

People who still use soap to shave absolutely boggle our minds. Why anyone would choose it over shaving gel or foam is beyond us. But now that we've found Nourishing Shave Cream...

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Spruce Up His Shave

There are hundreds of shaving creams out there, but most men seem to reach for the most boring options. It's time to breathe some new life into his beard-whittling ways! We ado...

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Smoother Shaving Sessions

The proceeding blog is a first for me, and here's why: I'm hard-pressed to think of a time I've been swept away by any sort of shaving device or accoutrement. But when a new sha...

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Get A Blissed-Out Shave

We thoroughly enjoy just about everything Bliss has come up with for women, so is it any surprise that their new Homme Improvement men's shaving duo is pretty darn fantastic? No...

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