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Your Shapewear’s Dirty Little Secret

We once lived in a world where shapewear could do no wrong. In our minds, they have superhero powers. After all, they help us look fabulous in those curve-hugging dresses, right...

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Jessica Alba’s Post-Pregnancy Secret

From the looks of it on the Met Gala red carpet, mother of two and A-list actress Jessica Alba didn’t seem to have too much trouble getting her pre-baby body back. And whi...

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What to Wear When You’re Pregnant

For some, pregnancy can be a nine-month pass to eat whatever we want and bask in the glory of our baby bump without judgment. However, it turns out that when it comes to what yo...

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Poll: Do You Use Shapewear?

Shapewear is one of those unspoken beauty fixes—they make you appear slimmer and let your clothing lay on your body smoother. While nearly everyone has a pair, no one seem...

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The Five-Second Butt Lifter

Round, lifted and free of unsightly cellulite: isn't that the butt we all long for? It often takes a lot of dedication and work-both at the gym and self-control over what's on y...

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