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We Give This Faster Blow-Dry A Try

You can bet that my ears perked up when I heard the claims from It Factor's Quick Blowdry Shampoos and Conditioners ($22.50 each). Anytime there's a promise to get out the door ...

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Wash Your Hair And Save Your Planet

Supporting goods that help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint is something we like to do because it's good for the world and it makes us feel good. But supporting a...

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Treat Hair To Taiwan-Based Beauty

With the trends reflecting the need for smooth strands, it's not surprising that Asian brands are getting more notice. Who doesn't want the straight, silky hair sported by so ma...

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A Healthy Hair Pair For Pregnant Women

Once you announce you're pregnant, maternity veterans are more than ready to tell you what you can and can't put in your body. But what you put on it can be just as important-ev...

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