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Better Hair Boosts Confidence

Do you feel better during a good hair day? According to a new survey from Sexy Hair, 77 percent of women don’t feel like themselves when they are having a bad hair day. Mo...

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New Beauty Products to Enjoy in November

November is a time to give thanks for everything you have in life--including your beauty products. In this video, we picked our favorite new products from brands like Eve Lom, H...

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When Bad Haircuts Happen to Good People

Practically everyone has a story of a haircut gone wrong. If you don’t, then we all envy you. Perhaps the most frequent mistake made is that the hairstylist cuts off more ...

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Your Best Bet For Big Hair

Maybe it's a product of living through the '80s, or a measure of my New Jersey roots, but there's something about a head full of big, voluminous hair that excites me. Something ...

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