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Natural Skin Nourishment, Pure And Simple

You've heard of products being labeled "certified organic," but how about "certified natural"? It's a surprisingly difficult designation to achieve, especially when the Natural ...

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Our New Super-Healthy Snack Obsession

NewBeauty shares a building with Annie's Pizza, a friendly little restaurant with every fattening food imaginable. It takes incredible resolve to not wander over there in a mid-...

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Pamper And Palliate Stressed, Scarred Skin

If reading the labels of your beauty products isn't one of your top priorities, Blaire Kessler may just manage to change your mind. A survivor of breast cancer in her early thir...

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The Ideal Dewy Look From A Luscious Cream

Is there anything more elusive in skincare than dewiness? So few moisturizers simultaneously hydrate deep within skin while leaving your complexion with that perfect healthy glo...

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Two Beauty Obsessions In One

If you keep passing the Bobbi Brown counter without trying a whiff of her fragrance, Beach, you are doing your olfactory system a serious disservice. Its aquatic and sandy notes...

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Bubbly Bath Bombs With Delicious Scents

I'm very sad right now. I just found out that ME! Bath makes its adorable Bath Ice Cream in some of my favorite scents... and I don't have a bathtub. Just in case you're not fa...

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A Bevy Of Buttercream Body Goods

From the scent of the office, you might have thought someone had sent some sweet, edible goodies. Well, they were goodies, all right, but they definitely weren't edible. The swe...

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