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Could Going Gluten-Free Clear Your Skin?

For the past year, it seems like we’ve been waging an all out war on gluten. Of course, there are those that must do it for serious health reasons like celiac disease, but...

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Four Tips to Tame Teeth Sensitivity

If a jolt of pain surges through your body when you chow down or sip on something hot or cold, you’re not alone. You’re actually one in eight people that have sensit...

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Teeth Whitening Sensitivity: Solved

According to a study published in The Journal of the American Dental Association, mild tooth sensitivity can be expected in approximately half of patients who undergo home white...

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Care For Skin Cautiously After A Procedure

Your skin needs time to recover from any type of peel, resurfacing or surgery, and specialized skin care can help. Skin care in the first days following your procedure should be...

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