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Is Your Self-Tanner Making You Break Out?

We recently reported that Victoria Beckham ditched her fake tan because she thought it made her skin look old. However, the biggest difference in her skin we can see is that it ...

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Quick Tips for a Sun-free Tan

We all know that the sun is your skin’s number-one enemy. But shunning it entirely has negative trade-offs like pallid skin, for most of us. Since tanning beds are no bett...

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Top Tips To Fix Tan Mishaps

Summer's officially here and it's only natural that getting a sun-kissed glow is top priority-without a trace of evidence that you fake baked, naturally. But a DIY self-tanning ...

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Should You Use A Self-Tanner During Winter?

Maybe you have a Caribbean cruise planned or a charity ball that's ideal for your favorite strapless gown. Or maybe you're just feeling a little drab because you're not seeing t...

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A Six-Pack Without The Workout?

Etching, or liposculpture, is a technique used for patients who desire the look of six-pack abs. Using a very aggressive method of liposuction, your plastic surgeon thins out th...

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The Bronzer Of The Gods

Being the palest woman in Florida, I'm occasionally tempted to cross over to the dark side and try a self-tanner or bronzer. I've never been happy with the results, unfortunatel...

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