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Can a Nose Job Really Fix 'Webbing'?

For the third consecutive year, rhinoplasty (more commonly known as a nose job) continues to be the “most popular” facial plastic surgery procedure, according to a r...

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An App That Helps You Love Your Body

Beauty apps are popping up right and left. They've become so popular even the FTC and FDA have had to get involved. A new iPhone app has just launched that we think is a good ad...

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New Attitudes Toward Plastic Surgery

Growing steadily in popularity over the years as an option to change one's appearance and self-esteem, plastic surgery has finally reached a bit of a rebound. According to a new...

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Treating An Obsession With Physical Flaws

Body dysmorphic disorder is much more than wishing your nose was a little straighter or thighs were a little thinner. Those who suffer from this condition are obsessed with ima...

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