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The Latest Ways to Get Youthful Hands

From the neck up, your skin may be without any lines, creases or spots. But your hands tell a lot about you—especially your age. Their delicate skin requires proper care a...

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Banish Body Bulges

The stomach is one of the most common areas in women to be hit by excess fat and it is often the result of empty calories and fat from food, especially sugar and refined carbohy...

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Korean Exfoliation That Can Be Had At Home

If you've ever been to a Korean day spa, also known as "jjim-jil bangs," then you know that the Korean's have the art of exfoliation down to a science. Many of them (men and wom...

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A Tale Of Two Scrubs

Using a body scrub regularly is one of the best ways to attain brighter-looking, smoother skin. But do you choose salt or sugar? How about both? Made up of Dead Sea salts and s...

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Have A Spa Night

If your schedule looks anything like mine, a day at the spa isn't really in the cards any time soon. But how about avoiding the appointments, the lines and the waiting by creati...

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A Twice-As-Nice Face Polish

My search for a superior face scrub, it seems, has come to a very happy end. I've found glotherapeutics gloBrighten Polish, which does a fine job getting a glow going. This pea...

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