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Eliminate Enlarged Leg Veins

Dark leg veins seem to pop up out of nowhere. They don’t look lumpy and they aren't raised but they seem to make their way around the leg. They are small and in conce...

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Foam May Be Best To Blast Varicose Veins

Varicose veins, those unsightly reminders of aging and pregnancy, are better treated by foam injections than laser ablation, says Imperial College London. Known as foam scleroth...

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Get Beyonce’S Killer Thighs

You've squatted. You've lunged. You've dieted. You've run for miles. Yet still, you're unhappy with the uneven tone and excess curves of your thighs that look nothing like the s...

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A Steamy Varicose Vein Treatment

Whether the result of genetics, hormone fluctuations or prolonged periods of standing or sitting, varicose veins- that more and more people want to be free of- are those webs of...

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A Vein Treatment As A Weight Loss Solution

Sclerotherapy is one of the most common ways to treat varicose and spider veins; and in the future, it may become an alternative to weight-loss surgery. In 2008, Johns Hopkins ...

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Understand Your Rhinoplasty Risks

Because the nose is the central feature of the face, even the most minor adjustment by a skilled surgeon can have a profound and beautiful impact on the face's overall appearanc...

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Male Vanity Shifts To Veins

Sclerotherapy, which corrects varicose and spider veins, is steadily rising in popularity. Some surveys now put it at the number-two spot for cosmetic-procedure popularity. But ...

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Asclera Gets Approval For Varicose Veins

Last year, we reported that a more comfortable sclerotherapy solution was in FDA trials for the treatment of varicose veins. This injectable drug, polidocanol, was recently appr...

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Prepare To Bare Your Legs Now!

They say timing is everything, and beauty treatments are no exception. If you are considering treating leg veins or excess hair in preparation for the upcoming warm weather, now...

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