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Louis Vuitton Makes Scents

Luxury brands that aren't in the perfume game are few and far between. Surprisingly, Louis Vuitton's iconic monogram seems to be gracing everything these days, except a perfume ...

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Make Scents This Fall

As we transition to fall, we begin wearing heavier clothes, darker nail polish and deeper hair hues. But something we might be forgetting to change with the seasons is our signa...

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Farewell To Fragrance Spritzers

The New York Times had an interesting article last weekend about the rise and fall of fragrance spritzers in major department stores. The industry has finally realized that most...

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Hand-Poured Candles Make Scents

I'm a pretty frugal girl, but I want nice things. There are a lot of luxury items that I just can't justify buying. However, there is one item where I feel you definitely get wh...

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Smell-Through Beauty Product Packaging?

If you're picky about scents, one of the most frustrating aspects of shopping for beauty products when no tester is available is not knowing what a cream, lotion or perfume smel...

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