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Differin Can Help Reduce Wrinkles Too

Many of us look to our doctors for help to fight pesky acne when our own at-home methods fail. One treatment that many doctors recommend is Differin because it contains retinoid...

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Can I Transform My Skin in One Month?

Whenever we're at a beauty convention, it seems like there is always some new secret to perfect skin and sometimes, that can feel overwhelming. There is so much information and ...

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Dermatologist Tips To Diminish Dark Spots

Several factors contribute to dark areas and spots on the skin, known as hyperpigmentation. According to New York dermatologist Ariel Ostad, the sun, acne, melasma, prescr...

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Demystifying Retinoids Once And For All

We constantly hear that vitamin A is the go-to ingredient for fighting fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and clearing up skin. Ask almost any dermatologist and they'll tell yo...

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Fight Signs Of Aging In Fair Skin

Fair skin is usually the first to show the signs of aging, which can happen as early as the mid to late twenties. Because fair skin is thinner and contains less melanin, it's mo...

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Options For Overhauling Your Under-Eye Area

Dark circles and under-eye bags develop when the fat beneath the lower lids protrudes and the muscle becomes loose. When you add excessive drinking, sun exposure, lack of sleep,...

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Which Way Should You Treat Stretch Marks?

When treating stretch marks, the sooner you start, the better. One study of Retin-A found it reduced the length of stretch marks by 14% and the width by 8%. In another study, ...

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Which Retinol Is Right For You?

Retinol is the pure form of vitamin A, and beauty experts from dermatologists to plastic surgeons to aestheticians agree that this incredible ingredient has the power to make sk...

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