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Redheads Can't Get A Tan—Can They?

Take a redhead to the beach and they'll leave with skin the color of their hair. Experts have always assumed this tendency towards sunburn means fair-skinned folks can't make mu...

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Wrinkles May Foretell The Future

They may not be able to tell you the winning lottery numbers or what the weather forecast is but, according to new research, facial wrinkles may be able to predict bone density ...

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Another Reason To Get A Massage

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Most Americans will experience lower back pain at some point during their life. Do you like going to the spa? New government-funded researc...

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The Lowdown On Light Snacks

According to new research, choosing low-fat versions of your favorite snacks may not be the best choice when watching your weight. Scientists at Purdue University found that &#x...

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