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A Luxurious Dry-Scalp Solution

Dry strands are a common conversation topic in the world of hair. But, a dry scalp (and the itchiness and flakiness that comes along with it) is a lesser-discussed dilemma, some...

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Is ’80s Hair Making A Comeback?

The word “mousse” often evokes memories from the '80s, when we wore acid washed jeans and huge, crunchy hair. How would you feel if I told you that big hair was ma...

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Flawless Curls From A Leave-In Formula

To anyone whose curls tend to spiral out of control, the phrase "perfect curls" seems like an oxymoron. Taming naturally twisty hair is a daily effort that, even at its most suc...

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My Go-To Lotion For Frizz-Free Hair

I've always found it inordinately annoying to fight frizz by using one product on damp hair and a separate product on dry hair. But because my hair is truly unruly, I've accepte...

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90 Days To Stronger Hair

Overnight sensations are never what they're cracked up to be. The best, longest-lasting results take a little time. Keep this in mind when you try Rene Furterer's Tonucia Three ...

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