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The Fight to Fix Battered Faces

In America, a woman is assaulted every nine seconds. That fact makes domestic violence the leading cause of injury to women. Whether it’s a broken nose, a fractured cheekb...

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Looking Better After A Lumpectomy

When a woman's breast cancer doesn't require a mastectomy, she may undergo breast-conserving surgery, also known as a lumpectomy. While this may seem preferable because only par...

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Correcting A Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Although all surgery involves risk, going to an unqualified doctor for your chosen cosmetic procedure increases the possibility of botched results. Finding yourself in this posi...

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Beautifying A Broken Nose

Should you fracture your nose, as Cameron Diaz reportedly has several times, the type of break often determines if rhinoplasty is required. If so, your surgeon must decide wheth...

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A Smile Makeover That Mimics A Facelift

Your face may be showing signs of aging if you have severely worn down your front and back teeth through clenching and grinding or if you've had many crowns placed over the year...

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Belly Fat Isn't Always Bad

No one likes that lower-belly "pooch"-no one, that is, except for scientists. That's because, according to findings published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, fat in...

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Inflatable Implants For Reduced Rippling

A new type of breast implant called ImpLite, which is said to not ripple, leak or rupture, is currently being developed in Israel. Unlike traditional implants that are filled wi...

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