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Step Up To The Bar For A Fresher Face

It's pretty safe to say most beauty junkies use a liquid facial cleanser of some sort. Most brands just tend to lean towards the cream and gel face wash format. But we can't get...

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A Beautiful Body Oil Worthy Of Obsession

I've never been one to use or even like body oil, but a single product recently became a catalyst for changing my mind. That product is Jatamansi Body Oil, by Parisian perfume h...

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Get A Lustrous Look From Hair To Toe

Your lips aren't the only place where gloss looks good. That said, we're not suggesting you use your favorite lip gloss anywhere other than your face. Instead, Crater Lake Compa...

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Which Antioxidants Should You Eat?

Whether natural or lab-synthesized, antioxidants help our bodies fight disease and deterioration by neutralizing cellular inflammation in the body caused by oxidation-a lot like...

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Natural Nourishment From A Continuous Cream

I don't know what it is about ekoh, but it makes me want to create my own skincare company. It's just two products strong, but it's got such a great style and such an innovative...

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My Latest Favorite Balm

Every now and then, for no real reason, I lose interest in a lip balm and transfer the obsession to a new one. This time, it's Lipstock Chapstock. I'm pretty sure this is the o...

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Literally Juicy Lip Color

Lip gloss has become increasingly scientific, with lots of tongue-twisting, lab-born ingredients that deliver color, shine and plumpness. But 100% Pure is proving that you can g...

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Complexion Perfection For Partygoers

We thought it only apropos to tell you about Play & Rewind by Icy Beauty on a Friday, as you'll surely want to use it every weekend from here on in. As far as we're concerned, a...

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More Jujube Goodness From Boscia

Back in April, I told you about one of my all-time favorite products: Boscia's Jujube Salve Stick. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to it, which made trying its "cousins" delightful...

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