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Firm Your Body and Face With Venus Freeze

Radiofrequency and ultrasound have long been used in the world of aesthetic dermatology to treat skin issues from laxity to cellulite, however, with each new year it seems there...

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Poll: Fat Melters: Have You Tried Them?

With summer approaching, the desire to get our bodies in swimsuit-shape is hard to ignore. While we always suggest starting off with a healthy diet and the right amount of exerc...

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How Do Skin-Tightening Devices Work?

Noninvasive and doctor-administered, skin tighteners are machines that employ one of two types of energy, radiofrequency or infrared light, to tighten the skin by heating the de...

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Correct Crepey Skin With Energy

If you lose weight quickly or lose a significant amount of weight, skin can lose elasticity, which results in that crepey, loose appearance. If you're disappointed with the crea...

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A Tightening Treatment With Cellulite Perks

The FDA recently approved a new machine called Reaction, which claims to tighten the skin and address irregular body contours using radio-frequency energy, with the added benefi...

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Are You Part Of The Skin Procedure Boom?

Over the last decade, many dermatologic procedures were approved and improved, and it didn't go unnoticed by patients. According to research recently published in Dermatologic S...

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Energize Your Aging Lips

Thermage treats mildly sagging skin on the face by delivering radio frequency to the dermal layers and stimulating collagen production. But if your main concern is an imperfect ...

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