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Treating An Obsession With Physical Flaws

Body dysmorphic disorder is much more than wishing your nose was a little straighter or thighs were a little thinner. Those who suffer from this condition are obsessed with ima...

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Can Being Attractive Make You Bad At Math?

As if the women-are-mathematically-challenged myth needed any help being perpetuated, surprising new research shows that being seen as sexy can mess with a woman's math skills. ...

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New Year... New You?

When a new year begins, it's not unusual to pledge significant self-improvement. However, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery cannot be made as casually as a resolution to ...

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Can A Fragrance Make You More Moral?

Want to be treated with a little more kindness? Surround yourself with a clean scent, say Brigham Young, Northwestern and Rotman researchers who have attempted to prove an olfac...

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Can Hunger Make You Happy?

Many people think going on a diet will make them feel miserable, but it may, in fact, do the opposite. When our body thinks it needs more calories, it gets a boost of the hung...

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Teens And Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a rising trend among the 18-and-under set, which has raised a few eyebrows and, consequently, procedural standards. Out of the hundreds of thousands of proc...

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Do Pretty People Get Away With Murder?

Some women like to think that being attractive can help them get out of a speeding ticket. Perhaps that's true-after all, attractiveness has been shown to help defendants get aw...

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