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How To Reduce Post-Procedure Redness

Anti-aging and rejuvenating procedures like cosmetic surgery, laser treatments and even chemical peels can help eliminate the signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots....

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Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Most safety concerns about breast implants have been all but disproved by years of medical research. This week, however, the FDA announced a surprising new possible link between...

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Don't Drive On A Freshly Fixed Foot

Bunion surgery corrects the unattractive and often painful bump that forms when the big toe becomes misaligned. But even though the procedure leaves feet looking and feeling bet...

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Powder With Redness-Reducing Power

Last month, right around my 31st birthday, I started noticing the unmistakable signs of rosacea on my right cheek. Happy birthday to me. Luckily, my symptoms aren't so strong t...

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A Layer Of Lipids To Lock In Moisture

Moisture escapes from skin so quickly, it often feels like it's gone mere moments after applying face cream. One of the keys to getting it to last longer is lipids, the fat-rela...

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