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Pamper Skin With Pomegranate

Pomegranate, the delicious fruit rich in antioxidants and anti-aging benefits, is often an overlooked ingredient for revitalizing the skin. Sensory Fusion's pomegranate products...

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Banish Body Bumps For Good

Unsightly body bumps, breakouts, rough patches and dry skin are never good, but, as the summer months approach, they start to wreak serious havoc-especially when it comes to wea...

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A Very Beneficial Berry-Scented Balm

As a closet “germaphobe,” I'm always washing my hands. Plus, my dog is really needy and demands attention all the time. As welcome as she is, her hair and dander a...

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Your Lips, Only Better

We're sure your lips are perfectly pretty as is, but everyone likes a little enhancement. And sometimes, a little goes a long way, which is the case with BORBA's Neutraceutical ...

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Unembellished Lip Balm For The Active Type

Looking for a lip balm without the bells and whistles? Something that gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don't? Behold: Serena Williams' SPF 15 Lip Balmer, from Mis...

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A Carrot Cream Worth Eyeing

Despite what you've been told your whole veggie-eating life, carrots aren't proven to do anything amazingly impressive for your eyesight. Sorry-it's a myth dating back to World ...

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Sun Oil To Defend (Not Darken) Your Skin

Back in the day, putting oil on your skin before basking in the sun's rays was done to boost tanning. (At least we hope no one does that anymore!) Today, however, California-bas...

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A Scrumptious Scrub Fit For A Queen

Every now and then, a product shows up at the NewBeauty offices that is so widely wanted that it either needs to be raffled off or hidden. The latest commotion-creating object o...

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