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How to Create Sexier Curves

From Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s to celebrities like Sofía Vergara today, curvy women have long been considered sexy. While genetics has a lot to do with whether you...

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Harness The Power Of Water

What is it about water that soothes and calms us? The simple act of soaking in warm or cool water is one that has been practiced for millennia as a necessity for well-being. So ...

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The Best Workouts For Your Legs

An often overlooked part of the body, the legs can fall victim to a variety of different problems and concerns that cause women to cover them up. Regular exercise is essential f...

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Is Pilates A Fading Fad?

There is something exciting about adopting a popular type of exercise, but not all trends have staying power. According to an annual poll conducted by the American College of Sp...

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