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A Clinical Approach to Beautiful Hair

For our mother's generation, the hair salon was a place to catch up on local town gossip under the hair dryer. Today, a salon, or more often nowadays a "hair institute," is a pl...

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How to Get Smooth Hair in the Summer Heat

The summer sun brings out the best in us. We get in shape in preparation for swimsuit season and make sure our skin looks fabulous. It's also a great time to prep our hair for t...

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How to Combat Thinning Hair

While hair loss is genetic, certain factors like diet, medication or hormones may also slow the growth of your hair and even thin it or cause it to fall out. Watch this video to...

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Powerful Ingredient Plumps Skin And Hair

Your hair is getting jealous of all the attention you're giving your skin. Yup, that's right. Your hair wants to look young and vibrant too. In fact, it want's some of the same ...

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Shampoo For Superior Silver Hair

Most women in my family start going gray in their mid 30s, from which I'm only a couple years away. And I have to admit, I'm considering just going with it. There's something so...

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A Wonder-Wax For Shiny Strands

To our knowledge, waxy and shiny have never been synonyms. And yet somehow, the right wax can actually bring out your hair's brilliance. In our opinion, the "right wax" is Shi...

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More Of Must-Have Dry Hair Helper

Phyto 7 has been around for 40 years, softening dry hair with seven carefully-chosen botanicals. And over the years, its effective formula has never called for a change. Althea,...

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Phyto-Genic Hair

The name Phyto has become synonymous with hair care. The following it has achieved over the last few years is a testament to their products' effectiveness. Haven't tried any yet...

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J. Lo’S Must-Have For Hair

Nothing says healthy hair like super shine. Jennifer Lopez mists her famous locks with Phyto Phytospecific Extreme Shine Spray to ensure instant shine without weighing hair down...

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