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Cosmetic Ingredients 101

No matter where you shop for your cosmetics—drugstores, department stores, online—the variety is endless. There’s no shortage of choices but with claims and in...

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Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?

You don't have to be a doctor to know that cheeseburgers and channel surfing can contribute to weight gain. But according to new research, your beauty products (like shampoo) co...

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Nuisance-Free Nail Polish

There's so much wrong with nail polish. Seriously. If the questionable chemicals don't turn you off, the having to sit with jazz hands for ten minutes while waiting for it to dr...

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Lip Gloss Lovers: Welcome To Heaven

If lip gloss was a drug, Tarte would be the ultimate enabler. They're making it all too easy to indulge in the addiction. Putting $165 worth of gorgeous glosses into a single se...

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A Tween Twist On Natural Skin Care

We may be beauty buffs now, but many of us didn't start using a daily face cream until our 20s. Luckily, that has proven to be sufficiently preventative in terms of signs of agi...

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Dewdrops For Dehydrated Hair

We're really excited that one of our favorite hair-care brands, Rusk, is following the trend to eliminate harsh chemicals with the introduction of their luxurious new Sensories ...

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A Healthy Hair Pair For Pregnant Women

Once you announce you're pregnant, maternity veterans are more than ready to tell you what you can and can't put in your body. But what you put on it can be just as important-ev...

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