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6 Ways to Prevent And Treat Sun Damage

As good as it may feel, basking in the sun is one of the worst things for your skin. So despite how great you look with a tan, should pale really be the new pretty? Here, top ex...

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A New Way To Boost The Power Of Lasers

Topical skin-care creams that claim to enhance the appearance and function of the skin are a dime a dozen, but Allumera, applied in-office, is used in tandem with light and lase...

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Photodynamic Therapy For Photodamaged Skin

It may seem counterintuitive, but exposing sun-damaged skin to more light may actually help it look younger. Specifically, a two-part laser procedure known as photodynamic thera...

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Light-Activated Dental Disease Defense

A fascinating new study with lab rats has shown there may be an new way to combat periodontal disease in the future. The Journal of Periodontology recently reported that a form...

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