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Breath Spray... For Your Hair

With so many launching in the last few years, we've become dry shampoo connoisseurs here at NewBeauty. Every staffer has their own favorite, but none of us can deny the utter br...

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A Retro Toothpaste That Makes Us Smile

I'm a sucker for all things retro. And while I surely appreciate contemporary cosmetics with forward-thinking formulas, my fondness for all things vintage definitely applies to ...

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A Conditioner No Man Can Pass Up

A lot of guys skip out on conditioning their hair, but they might change their ways once they find out what Billy Jealousy Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner can do. ...

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Berlin's Best Deodorant

Quite possibly the world's most expensive deodorant, Liebling works hard to earn its price. Called a "biological" deodorant, it works completely differently from what you might ...

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The Coolest Summer Moisturizer

We've always been fans of Olay Total Effects and the lucky seven anti-aging actions it takes to improve skin. But the latest twist on this brand staple makes it perfect for this...

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Smoother Feet From A Sophisticated Cream

Feet not quite ready for summer exposure? It's time to upgrade your everyday foot lotion to something with more powerful ingredients. Glymed Plus offers Foot Spa, a cream that ...

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Prime Your Lips With A Minty Multitasker

If we were having a contest for overachieving beauty products-actually, that might be fun!-Mint Glaze FX would definitely be a finalist. The full name of the this unique formula...

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Boost Your Bath With A Botanical Blend

Not every day can be a bath-taking day, but that's part of what makes it so special when you finally have a few moments to indulge in a sit-down bathing experience. And while lo...

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