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Spa Facials: The Benefits And Warnings

Facial treatments are the cornerstone of any spa menu. And just as there are countless spas, there's an endless array of facials. Ask any dermatologist, and he or she will lik...

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Fight Blemishes Like Cameron Diaz

Some people are born with great looks. Cameron Diaz is definitely one of those people. However, just because she was born that way doesn't mean she doesn't have to work at maint...

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Five Steps for Your Best Summer Skin

It might not seem like it, but summertime is just around the corner. It’s not too early to start thinking about what you can do to get your skin ready for summer and how y...

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Four Chemical Peels You Can Use at Home

At-home chemical peels are very similar to the ones you get during a facial with an aesthetician. They just tend to be lighter in strength. But that doesn't mean they don't work...

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Prep Your Skin Pre-Peel

There’s no better way to perk up dull skin than with a chemical peel. A beauty staple since the days of Cleopatra (who was said to bathe in spoiled milk, the basis of lact...

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A Glowing Duo From Le Métier de Beauté

New for 2012, Le Métier de Beauté’s CHEM60Pro‐Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set ($265) delivers spa-like results in the comfort of your own home. I was lucky enough...

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Prepare Your Skin For Procedures

Peels, lasers and surgery all injure the skin in one way or another, so in the weeks leading up to your procedure, it's essential to prime your skin. To make sure it responds to...

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