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Poll: What's Your Favorite Spa Treatment?

Sometimes we all deserve a spa getaway. From manicures and massages to full-body scrubs and intense facials, there are so many treatments on the menu to choose from; if we had o...

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Beauty Safety 101: Body

Simple, routine beauty appointments are considered “maintenance” by some; others find them to be a way to relax and pamper. Regardless of the purpose, if not done pr...

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Could a Mani/Pedi Be Dangerous?

Unsanitary-looking tubs and bowls are just the beginning. Most women don’t know that some of the tools commonly utilized during manicures and pedicures are actually illega...

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Your Manicurist's Dirty Little Nail Secret

Unsanitary-looking tubs and bowls should be the least of your worries when visiting a nail salon. Most women don't realize that some of the tools commonly utilized are actually...

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This Pedicure Gets Even More Fishy

A few years ago fish pedicures, during which tiny garra rufa fish eat away the dead skin on your feet when you plunge them into their tank, made a big splash as an alternative t...

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Replenish Cracked Heels

I'm pretty rough on my feet. Between the ridiculous shoes I insist on prancing around the city in and my abhorrence of socks, the bottom of my feet are not always silky and smoo...

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