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The Best Bikini For Your Body Shape

When it's summertime, everyone is in a rush to get the perfect bikini body. Sometimes that means liquid diets, intense workouts or even plastic surgery, but in our book, one of ...

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Just The Juice To Boost Your Beauty

I was at Target over the weekend, buying a dress, a comforter and disinfecting wipes-the typical motley Target purchase-when I made an unscheduled pause in the produce departmen...

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Eat Your Way To Whiter Teeth

The average American diets to lose weight, but making healthy food choices could provide you with an added bonus: whiter teeth. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic De...

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A Transforming Foam For Fine, Flat Hair

At first glance, Jonathan's new Infinite Volume Thickening Foam looks like... well... water. But with a just a pump, it transforms into a luscious mousse-and it transforms fine ...

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A Head-To-Toe Multitasking Moisture Mist

When's the last time you used a leave-in conditioner to set your makeup? We don't know about you, but our answer is "never." That being said, we're going to start doing exactly ...

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Dazzing Lotion From A Denim Luminary

One of the best things about clothing designers who make fragrances is that even when we're feeling kinda dumpy, their perfumes can still make us feel stylish and sexy, especial...

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