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Eat to Burn: 9 Fat-Blasting Foods

While fat-burning supplements promise to boost metabolism, certain thermogenic foods—meaning, they create different amounts of energy used for digestion—can hav...

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The Ultimate Anti-Aging Antioxidant Diet

Antioxidants are naturally found in many foods like citrus fruits, red wine, green tea and tomatoes, among others. Once absorbed into the bloodstream they have a protective, alb...

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Do You Even Need Deodorant?

Deodorant certainly serves its purpose but if you’ve ever left the house with white residue on your clothes, you’d probably agree that if you didn’t need it, y...

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Why You Need to Take Your Multivitamins

Unless you are eating every single meal in perfect proportion, with the right servings of vegetables, protein, dairy and healthy carbs, chances are you’re probably not get...

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Four Antioxidants You’ve Never Heard Of

You know antioxidants are good for you but do you really know that they do? Antioxidants actually protect your cells against free radicals: the molecules produced when your body...

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Is Organic Food Really Healthier?

Organic food is usually thought of as healthy and nutritious, but a claim that eating organic is not all it’s cracked up to be is sparking major controversy. A new st...

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Fishy Findings

Salmon is a staple protein for many. Known for its plethora of health benefits, it makes for a delicious and healthful meal. If you're a salmon eater you may have noticed your g...

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Learn To Read Labels

Do you check out the labels on what you're eating? Even if you do, do you really know what to look for? With all the products out there claiming to be low-fat, non-fat, organi...

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Do Good Food Choices Offset The Bad?

It's been said that eating certain foods together-think red wine with red meat, to neutralize toxins, or grilled chicken with coleslaw, to flush away carcinogens-may help ward o...

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