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How to Read a Product Label 101

Reading labels can be tricky. Whether you're in the grocery store trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup or at the beauty counter scanning for parabens, sometimes the ingredie...

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The Secrets Of Shiny Hair

Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. Shine-inducing products, which usually contain silicone, can create mirror-like strands, but truly shiny hair starts at the root. Product...

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Parabens: Pretty Safe After All?

Just as mainstream brands have started taking paraben concerns into consideration and taking parabens out of many products, the organizations that take a stringent anti-paraben ...

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Do 'Cosmeceuticals' Cause Cancer?

Dr. Samuel Epstein is angry. According to him, the cosmetics industry is selling unsafe products to ignorant consumers. But it isn't just controversial parabens that and chairma...

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Paraben-Free Vs. Organic

Just because a product is paraben-free doesn't necessarily mean it's organic-and vice versa. Organic products contain ingredients from natural sources produced in accordance wi...

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What’S All The Fuss About Parabens?

Loading products with parabens-a common kind of chemical preservative found in beauty and personal-care items-allows them to have an extended shelf life and be nearly resistant ...

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Paraben-Free Products For Him

A couple of the web guys here at NewBeauty have recently become very wary of parabens, which show up as preservatives in countless cosmetic and hygiene products. There's a growi...

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