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Simple Pads To Soothe Away Ingrowns

So, summer's almost over and you're still battling ingrowns? Wasn't this the summer you vowed to not have this issue? Well, if you think you've tried everything, think again. E...

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Jumpstart Skin Repair With A Gentle Gel

The atmosphere that keeps us alive also threatens to age our skin. Although there's no escaping it, it isn't a lost cause. You can fight external aggressors with the right age-f...

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Body Wash With A Bewitching Bouquet

Two facts about me: I prefer bar soap over body wash, and I can't stand the smell of lavender. So when a sample of Bath Nation's Bath Gelée made its way to my desk, decorated wi...

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Natural Shampoo That Raises The Bar

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of shampoos out there, but almost all of them share the same form: liquid. So, being fans of almost anything that gives us an alternative to ...

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Mascara With Mouthwatering Color

Most mascaras get their color from iron oxides, common chemical pigments that are used in everything from ceramic glazing to MRIs. Although they aren't harmful, cosmetic-grade i...

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Touchable Volume From A Talented Spray

What's the point of having notice-me volume if the person who notices you has to touch a virtual helmet of hair? That zaps the sexy in a sticky, stiff second. Instead, there's a...

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A Styling Lotion Loved For Decades

We typically tell you about newer products, but sometimes there's a classic that's worth a reminder. One of those classics is Hair Sculpting Lotion, the very first product by Pa...

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Customized Hold From A Clever Hairspray

Lots of things are self-adjusting: thermostats, memory-foam mattresses, Transitions lenses, pupils, etc. But hairspray doesn't really jump out at as a member of this category. I...

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