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The Simple Smoky Eye

The smoky eye. It has become a staple on the red carpet and the ultimate look for nighttime glamour. But for those of us without a makeup artist on hand every Saturday night, th...

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Create Your Own Custom Eye Palettes

Each season I create what I like to call an eye shadow palette anthology. In other words, a travel-friendly eye shadow palette custom designed by me to use all season. Once I've...

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Multi-Tasking Moisture Makeup

I'm all for multi-tasking-any product that can help me in more ways than one, deserves a spot in my makeup bag. No one wants to carry around all of their makeup, all of the time...

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Shades Of A Moisture From A Powder Palette

At first, this may seem like ordinary face powder-yet it's anything but. The name hints at its uniqueness: Hydrating Marine Minerals Pressed Powder Face Palette. Take a closer...

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A Mistake-Proof Concealer Palette

Anyone who's ever used an under-eye concealer on a blemish in a moment of desperation knows that the results can range from not quite right to obviously awful. The same goes for...

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Take A Journey Through A Thorough Palette

I'm writing this from Bethesda, Maryland-not my normal setting for DailyBeauty blogging, but wherever I go, beauty follows like a little lost puppy. In fact, I saw flying here t...

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Do Good While Looking Good

We're excited any time Bobbi Brown-queen of fabulous, look-good-on-anyone makeup shades-launches something new, and one of her latest creations has us feeling a little more cons...

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Gorgeous Makeup In A Breathtaking Case

I love beauty, and I don't just mean cosmetics and creams. I'm drawn to interesting beauty in everything from clothing to architecture to stationery. And it was the beautiful de...

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