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Spa Facials: The Benefits And Warnings

Facial treatments are the cornerstone of any spa menu. And just as there are countless spas, there's an endless array of facials. Ask any dermatologist, and he or she will lik...

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Look Younger With Less Pain

When administering injectables, most doctors use a needle (or cannula) and inject the filling agent by manually pushing on the plunger of the syringe, which is attached to the n...

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Ease Mind and Body With the BioMat

Haven’t heard of a BioMat? This unique at-home energy spa treatment combines the best of eastern and western medicine and claims to alleviate short-term stress while promo...

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An Eyelifting Migraine Treatment

If you've ever suffered from a migraine, you know you'd do almost anything to get relief from the blinding pain. During the past decade, facial plastic surgeons and dermatologis...

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Another Yoga Benefit?

There are a million and five reasons why we love yoga. From the way it makes us feel to the way it makes us look, we're big fans of the ancient holistic fitness. Apparently, the...

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Lymphatic Drainage: Wise Or A Waste?

Lymphatic drainage is a series of light-touch massage techniques that promotes lymph movement through the body. The concept behind the treatment is that manual circulation of ly...

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