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Jasmine Oil Could Be The Cure For Dandruff

Fragrance fanatics love it for its uplifting scent; skin-care enthusiasts swoon over it for its softening properties; and spa-goers clamor for it because of its stress-reducing ...

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Healthier Hair From An Italian Miracle Mud

Most of us do what we can do keep dirt out of our hair, but Oscar Blandi's Marine Mud Treatment will have you thinking about muck and mire in a whole new way. Also called Tratt...

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A Pen That Puts Off A Salon Appointment

We love any product that's as fun as it is helpful. The latest to top our too-short list is an Oscar Blandi brainchild that brings out our inner colorist. The brilliant Pronto ...

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Clean Hair, Pronto!

Who hasn't had one of those mornings when the alarm didn't go off or you wake up with a hangover and can't bring yourself to deal with your hair? When you're short on time, want...

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