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Yes, You Can Wear Orange Makeup

Some of the prettiest makeup trends can sometimes be intimidating and seem unwearable for everyday life, or be bypassed altogether if you don’t know how to wear the color....

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Fruity Refreshment For Your Face

If there's anyone who understands the advantages of fruit, it's a juice company like fruitology. But this brand wanted to reach beyond internal benefits and bring healthy refres...

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A Naturally Easy Way To Remove Eye Makeup

We love cleansing wipes for nights when washing our faces feels like the most tedious chore ever. But even in our laziest moments, we wonder if we should be using them on our ey...

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Get Glowing Cheeks With A Glaze Of Glory

As a beauty editor, it's bizarre to me that I went over 30 years without getting a mini Mary Kay makeover. (Isn't it a rite of passage?) But I recently found myself willingly ba...

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Natural Skin Nourishment, Pure And Simple

You've heard of products being labeled "certified organic," but how about "certified natural"? It's a surprisingly difficult designation to achieve, especially when the Natural ...

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An Exfoliating Bar With Organic Appeal

We tend to think of John Masters Organics as a hair brand, but if your look beyond the mane merch, you'll find some must-have head-to-toe skincare. And even though they just arr...

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