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Discovering An Olive Oil-Infused Line

As product junkies, one of the highs we get is discovering new products that we truly love. Olive Natural Beauty is my next obsession. It's a small brand with only seven produc...

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Top Five Inflammation-Fighting Foods

Our bodies are constantly exposed to internal inflammation as a means of defense against infection. A key part in the formation of wrinkles is inflammation, which causes elastin...

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Fuller Hair From A Wholesome Spray

The vast majority of volumizing products rely on lab-centric ingredients. Although these typically do the trick, there's no reason for natural Nellies to go against their organi...

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Wipe Away Makeup Like A Pro

Redecorating doesn't usually elicit a new beauty-product purchase, but when I recently switched from burgundy to white sheets and pillowcases, I realized something: now I really...

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Redness Remedies For Two Types Of Skin

More often than not, if a company offers a solution for redness and sensitivity, it's one-skin-type-fits-all. Dry or oily, you're offered the same formula. But that's not the ca...

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Sensual Massage Oil With Beauty Benefits

Getting a massage from your significant other has obvious intimate advantages, but why stop at seduction when you can simultaneously beautify your body? One of our favorite fo...

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