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Hair Oils: What to Look For

With a history that dates back thousands of years, the use of hair oils is nothing new—it’s the formulas, extracts and technologies that have improved. Because of an...

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Five Ways to Shine-Proof Your Skin

We have a long list of how we’d like to describe our skin—clear, luminous and youthful to name a few. But there is one word that we never want to be on our list: shiny. Our skin...

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Soothing Oil Treatments

With countless vitamins and minerals that work to quench dry skin and give you a healthy glow, it’s no surprise oils have become a must-have ingredient in both skin and ha...

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Dilo Oil: An Anti-Aging Secret From Fiji

Once upon a time, Kate Somerville went on vacation to a small island in Fiji and brought us back one heck of a souvenir. Okay, not us personally, but it’s something meant ...

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Customized Skin-Care In Two Clicks

Whether your skin type is oily, dry or combination-or if you're dealing with fine lines, redness or flaking, there's a way to create the perfect skin-care regimen to fit your co...

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