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Active Ingredients On Demand

From microwaves to DVR to high-speed downloads, clearly, we want what we want when we want it. Unfortunately, skincare products haven't always complied. Although formulas have...

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Our Official Summer Undies

No one talks about it, but it happens to everyone: butt sweat. Aside from it being incredibly uncomfortable, it just begs for breakouts, especially when you're perspiring enough...

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Long, Lovely Lashes Every Day

Thick, dramatic lashes are a staple in my evening look, but during the day, I just want long, pretty fringe that doesn't overpower my face. I recently found exactly that in Cove...

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Which Bristles Are Best For Your Hair?

As a rule of thumb, the stiffer and closer the bristles on a brush, the more control you have over the hair. Most brushes contain either boar or nylon bristles, although other k...

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Show Your Skin A Post-Shower Glow

Looking for a way to get a little extra exfoliation on the cheap? Instead of recommending yet another body scrub, this time, we're going to point you in the direction of an awes...

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